CREW Tucson is proud to celebrate the standout achievements of our members.  

CREW presents multiple awards to showcase members' outstanding leadership, collaboration and other laudible qualities and accomplishments at our annual Holiday Luncheon.

Awards include:

  • Member-to-Member Business Award
  • Career Advancement for Women Award
  • Economic & Community Improvement Award
  • President’s Award
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit Award
  • Chapter Service Award
  • Outstanding New Member Award

Past Award Winners (2021):

Member to Member Business – Breanna Starr
Economic & Community Improvement – Carol Stewart
Career Advancement for Women – Karyn Radtke
President’s Award – Ashley Stewart
President – Michelle Jolly

Past Award Winners (2020):

COVID 19 Impact Award – Teresa Vasquez
Entrepreneurial Spirit Award – Angela Gee and Carol Stewart
President’s Award – Rosemary Bright
President – Lani Baker

Past Award Winners (2016)

Member-to-Member Business Award - Sandra Barton

Career Advancement for Women Award - Susan Scholl-Smith
Economic & Community Improvement Award - Melissa Lal
President’s Award - Sandie Rutherford
Entrepreneurial Award - Chris Young
Chapter Service Award - Sara Baker
Outstanding New Member - Lani Baker

Past Award Winners (2015)

Member-to-Member Business Award - Rebecca Reed
Career Advancement for Women Award - Lucinda Smedley
Economic & Community Improvement Award - Kathy Campbell
President’s Award - Eileen Lewis
Entrepreneurial Spirit Award - Sandi Eghtesadi
Chapter Service Award - Margret Huebner
Outstanding New Member Award - Sara Mamer

Sponsored By:

  • 2015 and 2016 chapter awards were sponsored by AXIA Appraisers